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Applications of modular pontoon cubes


1, Floating docks, boat dock, pontoon dock, floating marinas, floating jetties, yacht dock, floating wharf, floating pier,floating pontoon, plastic jetty, boat marina,, ferry dock, floating quay.
2. Floating bridges, pontoon bridges, floating walkways, on water walkway, water passage, floating swimming pool.
3. Floating work platforms, working platforms, work platforms, water platforms, water sports plarform, floating wooden house ,artificial island .
4.Net cages for aquaculture, fish farming, fish farm, fishing net cage,water fishery.
5. Jet Ski docks, jet ski lifts, jet ski floats, jet ski port, jet ski platform, pwc dock, pwc platform, pwc floating dock, pwc lifts, boat lifts ,drive on dock, personal watercraft dock .
6, Aquatic stages for water shows and activities, Floating restaurants, Floating beer bars etc.

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